If you are interested in coaching, it is likely you have questions that you would like to discuss. Approaches to coaching can be somewhat confusing across the coaching industry and with my fifteen -plus years of experience as a freelance and senior in-house coach, I will do my best to help out.

Since you are on my website, my recommendation is that you read below and then contact me to explore what you would like to know more about. I’ll do what I can to respond to your query within 24 hours and help you to move forward.


Most of my Executive Coaching assignments are with Senior Managers from a range of business sizes and sectors. The reasons for executive coaching are often triggered by participants attending a leadership development programme, being prepared for fast-track career development, being coached within a team and seeking out one to one additional development, post-performance review support, 360 feedback support and coaching support to make full use of personality profile reports.

The common themes for many of my clients are clustered below. I provide these as a high-level insight into what senior level managers are generally interested in developing, in my experience.

My professional credentials

  • Well over fifteen years of regular and practical experience in coaching individuals, groups and teams.
  • Skilled and established in providing coaching skills training and observational feedback to others up to a senior level in a variety of businesses.
  • Fully accredited as an Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor to level 7 by the Institute of Leadership and Management with at least 800 hours of coaching assignments since accreditation and over 1000 hours prior to
  • Four years as lead in-house coach working up to board level with individuals and team

My approach to being a Professional Executive Coach

  • To abide by the AoC Ethical Code of Practice
  • To contract systemically, which means agreeing the scope of the coaching assignment with at least one coaching sponsor in the workplace and being mindful of the individual client within the organisational system
  • To coach my clients with their wider operational environment in mind, including their wellbeing and aspirations
  • To be a trusted confidant, thinking partner and a sounding board
  • To engage clients by listening, exploring, reviewing and providing feedback
  • To be a supportive and tactical enabler, to trigger and sustain change
  • To commit to my own continuous professional development through one to one and group supervision for both executive coaching and working with teams

Most of my coaching is face to face, however skype or phone coaching are great options.

Research carried out and published in 2012 by ACTIONcoach identified the following benefits to the companies that provided executive coaching:

- Productivity (reported by 53% of executives)
- Quality (48%)
- Organizational strength (48%)
- Customer service (39%)
- Reducing customer complaints (34%)
- Retaining executives who received coaching (32%)
- Cost reductions (23%)
- Bottom-line profitability (22%)


The Leadership Coaching I provide is mainly to managers within their first five years of management experience. Depending on the experience of the manager and the extent of their leadership training, the coaching programme may include some leadership mentoring, depending on their personal needs and by agreement. As for executive coaching, the themes for coaching will emerge from career development plans, a new stretch working assignment, a training programme, performance reviews, 360 feedback and/or a personality profile report.

Mental Toughness for Groups and Teams


If you are interested in discussing team coaching, please call me. I believe a team is ready for coaching when there are at least five of the bubbles below are ready to embrace change.

I’ve worked with well over two hundred teams and every team is different. 
In my experience, team coaching incorporates a combination of different approaches and to optimise team developoment, the team coach has to be able to accurately and quickly work out the best approach for each situation in which the team finds itself.  Approaches may include training the team, facilitating team meetings and away-days, coaching individual team members, coaching the team, focussed bespoke team development sessions and a ‘pick and mix’ approach to all these, depending on time, budget, team needs and expectations and agreements with stakeholders.

My approach to being a professional Team Coach

  • To work within ethical guidelines
  • To coach/mentor the leader
  • To contract with the team for a team development assignment
  • To diagnose team effectiveness and readiness for working together on a coaching-style agenda
  • To enable the team to help itself
  • To facilitate a tactical approach to achieving outcomes from synergy between team members and a focus on shared goals

Please make contact with any enquiries and let's start the conversation.


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