Mental Toughness

Mastery of Performance Under Pressure

Everyone is experiencing a life that is full of opportunities and challenges, so how do we seize on these in ways that help us to thrive? Mental Toughness is an aspect of personality which determines our likely responses to opportunities and challenges in any given moment and we have robust methods for assessing it and developing it in most people - hence the chance of mastery of performance under pressure.     This is an exciting insight that answers our questions about why some people seize every opportunity available and 'eat challenges for breakfast' whilst others respond to opportunities and challenges with anxiety and hesitation.

Self Coach

Step one is self-awareness.
Self-awareness is achieved by completing a psychometric questionnaire which assesses key elements such as positive thinking, self-confidence, resilience, relational skills and goal-focussed tendancies. Thanks to years of rigorous research into mental toughness and the assessment method, the reports generated from the questionnaire are a game-changer. After a short introduction by a licensed practitioner, individuals are empowered to be self-reliant and immediately use the feedback, insights and top tips in the reports.

An individual's situational awareness and response is highly likely to change when pressure is experienced. Understanding one's pressure triggers and having personal tactics to handle the pressure, helps an individual to show up with authority, presence and impact when the going gets tough, as well as being aware of how pressure may well be affecting others and what to look out for.   

Mental toughness is associated with:

Performance : Mental Toughness explains up to 25% variation in performance under pressure

Behaviours : Levels of engagement, including being pro-active and positive with a 'can do' attitude

Aspirations : The desire to be ambitious and prepared to take risks

Wellbeing : The capacity for experiencing contentment in life with a robust response to pressure

The most common question I'm asked is 'how mentally tough do I or we need to be'? It's a great conversation-starter!

Here are some examples of feedback received by line managers, which relates directly to mental toughness and their level of mental toughness in a leadership role.

"You're leading the way through the changes but the team aren't engaging with your approach"

"You need to 'step up to the plate' and make it happen"

"The team need more support than you think they do"

"You set very challenging goals and targets"

"Makes changes for the sake of change - doesn't make sense"

"Needs to build stakeholder relationships"

"Needs to control emotions when things get tough"

Here are some quoutes associated with using the mental toughness measure as a recruitment tool.

"Employees who are resilient to challenge and change are likely to be a good fit in this role"

"Our high performers control their emotions in really difficult situations"

"Commitment is more important than level of skill in the first 12 months"

"Our employees need a healthy work/life balance in a challenging role"

"Our specialists need to be able to collaborate well with others in the team and outside of the team"

"Mental toughness indicators help us to recruit people with staying-power"


Sign up for on-line testing by contacting us and requesting log-in instructions. 
Your report will be returned to you within 24 hours.
The cost of a report starts from £58 + VAT.

Expect empowering outcomes for the rest of your life, as a result of developing mental toughness - It's a life skill.

Mastering Mental Toughness

Our approach to mastering mental toughness is in facilitating mental toughness development with clients. We are outcomes-focussed and we work with the high impact mental toughness feedback reports in the most productive way to suit the client. Tactical mental toughness development is time-efficient, highly relevant, insightful and leads to empowering learning experiences and new behaviours. We train, coach, facilitate and do whatever it takes to help individuals, groups and teams to harness their opportunities and thrive on the challenges.

Training/Coaching/Learning Methods are facilitated by licensed mental toughness practitioners and include the following options and combinations:

  • Launch sessions, virtual and face to face.
  • Smaller group interactive ‘speed-roaming skills workshops’
  • Virtual, on or off-site one to one coaching programmes
  • Workplace and virtual one to one drop-in sessions
  • Virtual  and workplace facilitated briefings and de-briefs with groups and teams
  • Full or half day experiential team development exercises

However you learn best, wherever you learn best, we establish the optimal approach with our clients to make these options novel and high impact.

Mental Toughness for Individuals

Individuals taking the test will receive a Development Report of approximately 12 pages . The Mental Toughness Development report consists of an introduction, an overview summary, followed by a breakdown of the mental toughness componets and sub-components, plus helpful guidance on areas for specific development. Some individuals may discover they have very high scores in mental toughness that may require certain critical adaptations when working with others; and some individuals may find themselves on the opposite end of the spectrum, keen to know what to develop to increase mental toughness.

  • Thrive on Challenge and change
  • Commit to important goals and demanding deadlines
  • Control emotions in emotional situations and control own life path
  • Increase Confidence in personal abilities, interpersonal relationships and social situations

Mental Toughness for Groups and Teams

When operational environments are shifting and the performance expectations and opportunities are demanding, groups and teams need to focus not just on what they’re doing, but how they’re doing it.
Mental toughness awareness and strategies helps groups to avoid using 'sticking plaster' strategies to cope with pressures that take energy and commitment but don’t neccessarilly pay back over time. A well facilitated mental toughness session will lead to profound insights that will empower any group or team throughout its life cycle.
The four components of Mental Toughness will have an impact in four key areas of performance: CONTROL, COMMITMENT, CHALLENGE and CONFIDENCE.
Please do contact us to find out more and explore the best options for you.

When the MTQ48 questionnaire is completed by individuals, we have personal data to feed back to them one to one; we also have immediate insight into the mental toughness profile of the group or team and what that could mean for performance and engagement as of today and over the next 6 to 12 months.

Confidential data will remain with individuals whilst they work together on their combined profile if required. It is the combined profile that provides the focus for the tactical approach.

Options for developing mental toughness as a group or team:

  • Facilitated bite-size sessions
  • Half day ‘off the shelf’ workshops
  • One to one sessions to review feedback and clarify next steps
  • Weaving Mental Toughness Strategies into the 'game plan' for the anual business cycle - personal performance CPD, Customer Services and Engagement goals for example.

Bespoke Mental Toughness Assessment and Development.

Let's talk and start a conversation about 'what's even more than resilience' that helps people thrive on Challenges, seize Opportunities and feel more engaged as Higher Performers!