Organisational Support

No matter the size of your business, everyone needs a little help sometimes…

When our clients are optimising the use of our services, we expect new learning insights to be quickly and practically used and the differences to be tangible in addressing the outcomes the client is looking to achieve. All our tools and approaches are ‘fit for purpose’ and because of this, word will get out in your business, for all the right reasons! Teams and their leaders are standing out from others, because internal and external clients benefit from the new positive behaviours they experience. The rock strategically tossed into the pond is the energised intervention we provide and the ripples are the positive influences that radiate out .

Do read about a few of our current projects and how we're helping our clients, however please contact us to start a conversation.

Sample brief case studies.

Team Coaching

Whilst the team coaching strategy supports the International Sales Team to deliver their year on year goals, the approach and outcomes also benefit the senior sponsoring leader. The synergy between the two influential leaders boosts energy and commitment within the team and inspires others more widely both inside and outside the business. The strategic team development work produces positive ripples of influence in which the benefits continue to impact way beyond the team itself, into its international operating environment.

Benefits from Team Coaching after eighteen months:

  • Higher team performance and engagement in key areas
  • Inspirational story-telling by both the International team leader and the team sponsor, to wider parts of the business and key external stakeholders
  • Optimism and high commitment through a tough period of challenges and change

Leadership Training

Departmental Senior Officer training across a global business. We designed and delivered bespoke training alongside in-house SME’s. We helped to identify role-critical performance indicators including key skills, knowledge and behaviours: These were developed, tested and evaluated throughout the training programmes. As a result, participants improved their self awareness and 'in the moment' performance and left the programme with clarity on how to practically embed their skills in day to day operations.

Outcomes from the last 18 months include:

  • The programme delivery is being continued as phase one (approximately 200 participants trained)
  • A phase two training development project was successful and has resulted in phase two training (approximately 70 participants trained to date)
  • Positive stakeholder feedback from facilitated review sessions
  • Consistent positive participant feedback
  • A dedicated, enthuisatic delivery team of Corporate Energising Associates

Recruitment Selection Support

Our client is working on achieving new retention targets of new hires in what is recognised as a challenging operational environment. We provide recruitment selection support pre-interview with Mental Toughness psychometric testing. The client experiences support through a rigorous process of testing and reporting, including an end-to-end service in which the client receives interview preparation guidelines for each cohort and instructional coaching to the nominated recruitment team lead.

Outcomes in the first year:

  • Over 100 candidates tested for resilience and compatability with on the job challenges
  • So far retention rates are showing a positive trend
  • The client has committed to on-going use of the measure throughout 2018
  • The client has provided very positive feedback in our working relationship with appreciation for our flexibility, clear remote communications and delivery

Executive and Leadership Coaching:

Supporting in-house Leadership Development Programmes with Executive and Leadership Coaching. Working from the outset with senior HR Business Partners and sponsoring leaders of coaching clients. We facilitate the best possible coaching process from the very start, with respect and flexibility for how different organisations run their external coaching pools, internal coaching community and the different types of coaching programmes required.
Coaching Outcomes:

  • I collect data covering organisation-specific common coaching themes and suggest areas for consideration regarding the leadership development strategy
  • Follow-ups are offered three months after programmes wrap up and requested by the majority of clients
  • Objective review of before and after outcomes are based on client objectives and situational successes on the job where improved performance is related to the coaching programme

What we aim for across all our assignments:

  • Successful delivery of the outcomes agreed with our clients
  • A committed and very positive business relationship
  • A tangible energised approach in all that we do

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is an extremely well validated tool and methodology for engaging individuals and teams with their development.
What attracted us to Insights is this: Many people in organisations find it difficult to understand and discuss the behaviours of others and we know the impact of that on performance and engagement. Insights Discovery actively encourages discussion about behaviours! It enables behaviours to be talked about and understood using colours and appropriate humour. 'Colour-coded' behaviours are a revelation to understanding how to connect with eachother and helps make sense of every day challenges. Insights Discovery workshops help to normalise communication challenges and takes people literally on a journey of discovery with plenty of top tips. This is an invaluable tool and we have seen powerful behavioural adaptations happening time and time again, building connections, engagement and shifting cultural norms.

We are using Insights Discovery for individual development, team development, leadership development and sales skills development. An individual profile is generated from the results of a quick online, 25 question questionnaire and it is available in a range of languages.

More about Insights Discovery.


Insights Discovery produces highly detailed twenty-plus page personalised profiles. Each profile features clear sections of text in addition to highly visual diagrams which become the basis for a common language using colours, wheels and graphs. We work with the reports whilst one to one coaching and whilst facilitating larger groups in departmental or team workshops, we also make use of the high quality learning and training materials.

Experience shows that teams that have attended workshops are more productive afterwards. Research has also shown that self awareness and awareness of others is key for high performance. Every workshop is tailored to the outcomes we are helping you to achieve.

How to get started with using Insights Discovery

Complete the details in the boxes below and we will send you a link to the diagnostic tool with 25 questions.Please note that the information you provide, permits us to contact you about participating in Insights Discovery. We will not use your information for any other purposes.

Your answers to these questions will reveal your Insights Discovery profile and we will follow up with you personally. We will arrange a call to talk with you about your profile and what this means for you, your team and your business.

There is no obligation to buy any of our services as a result. We are simply supporting you to experience the power of Discovery for yourself, and we know this often leads to creating opportunities for others.

Other opportunities to incorporate Insights Discovery into training and developing others include: Coaching, Recruitment and selection, Leadership development (including influencing and making personal impact), Group and Team development.