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Enabling teams to be fully-fit

Focus on achievement:

     Game-plan + Coaching goals = Results-orientated outcomes

Team coaching is an interactive developmental intervention, empowering team members to  deliver successfully whilst supporting high performance, thriving behaviours

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To get going with team coaching, we have to establish it's the right thing to do as an intervention.

I believe in the discipline of looking both inside and outside of the team, to understand the team performance culture and the value of the team to its key stakeholders.  

Team coaching is essentially highly relevant to multiple stakeholders and it has a clear, time-defined purpose.

Team coaching involves multi-faceted partnerships. I partner with the leader initially and the partnerships build as we move forward.

The team unites in its joint endeavour (the coaching goal) and evolves through its own unique coaching programme, with mutual accountabilities for results. 

We regularly review and evaluate progress, challenging ourselves to build the critical 'learning muscles' for achieving desired results. 

As a result of team coaching, team members have a collective memory of effective teaming that builds collaboration and achieves results.  I leave the team and the key stakeholders it serves, with a sense of accomplishment from being results-focused.

I gain great satisfaction personally, bringing my considerable experience and expertise, yet also learning with others as their coach. The work is rewarding, complex, sometimes messy, always solutions-focused (which builds belief and momentum) and always carried out to established, professional codes of practice. 

My role is to broadly enable the team to better fulfil its purpose, increase the value it creates and improve its performance, engagement and capacity for team learning. Specifically, my role is to enable a team to identify and achieve its coaching goal.

What Our Happy Clients Say

‘Creative approach with strategic marginal-gains’
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