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Develop reflective practice

Enhance your coaching practice with fresh perspectives 

Coaching supervision is intentionally a reflective practice, to gain insight and agility as a coach

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Why Be Supervised?

Coaches engage in challenging and intimate conversations, often in the midst of uncertainty and complexity, including in the wider system in which the coaching serves its purpose. Throughout these conversations, coaches are managing the contractual agreement and professional boundaries, being alert to the need for best practices in their interventions, noticing the interpersonal dynamics between themselves and the coaching client and managing themselves moment by moment, both inside and outside of the coaching sessions.


The Experience of the Supervisee

Broadly speaking, the purpose of coaching supervision is for the coach to intentionally take time-out to develop a reflective practice with the supervisor, to enhance their work as a professional coach whilst meeting personal needs - as well as the needs of the wider system in which the coach is working. 

Video Conference

Outcomes from Supervision

Supervision supports the coach in reflective practice, drawing on the ‘inner wisdom' of the coach and jointly exploring different perspectives in the work and this avoids the coach working in an isolated ‘bubble’. An outcome of supervision over time, is the coach develops their ‘internal supervisor’ and this, in turn, increases self-reliance for taking rigorous perspectives ‘in the moment' and the confidence to build a portfolio of clients and rewarding work.

Stang-up Meeting

Experience of being supervised by Sue - in group or solo

In coaching supervision, the coach experiences time to reflect on their experiences – both what is known to be important and what might be outside of their awareness.

My style for supervising coaches, is to build a trusted relationship. Session by session, we set out together on a joint mission of partnership, to achieve new depths of enquiry, meaning and resourcing in support of their work.

What Our Happy Clients Say

"Having time and space to bounce ideas and sound things out with someone with coaching experience is really helpful for building confidence."
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