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Evolving for greater results

Move forward your way

Focussing on coaching goals that create transformational shifts - building confidence, personal presence and professional influence 

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Considering Coaching? Discovery Session

As part of a portfolio of services, I enable leaders with an interest in coaching, to talk frankly about the multi-faceted challenges they are facing in respect of how they feel, their reality of accomplishing key goals, their hopes/concerns and how coaching could support them. Our first meeting is to see if we have the 'chemistry' for building rapport in the coaching relationship. 

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What brings people to Coaching?

Leadership coaching is designed to transform focus on issues such as identifying and modifying the impact of personal style on individuals, teams, organisational culture, and other key stakeholders. Leading through change, harnessing key strengths, honing key performance indicators of executive performance and enhancing personal, team, departmental and organisational performance.


My approach to Coaching 


My signature approach is humanistic and client-led. I draw on the suggestions of the late psychologist Carl Rogers because I strongly believe that for people to grow and develop, they need an environment that provides them with genuineness, acceptance, and empathy. My signature approach is also 'systemic'.


I adopt mental models that incorporate a wider systems-led approach, considering the impact of the coaching work on the team and the organisation/beyond, as well as bringing the system into our work, i.e. the impact of external organisational and industry-wide/global factors on the individual being coached.

How I'm experienced as a Coach  

Common themes from feedback: My clients experience me as someone who is purpose-led but most essentially, a good listener who asks great questions. I encourage personal insight and self-reliant learning.


I am transparent about how we work together based on the foundations of our Coaching Agreement and a shared mental model for signposting our process in coaching sessions.


We hold ourselves mutually accountable in our respective roles, for the value gained from coaching.

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Your way in the process

The environment for learning is important. I coach in a variety of different settings which brings flexibility to how a client experiences their own unique thinking time and space. Options for being coached know no boundaries and I welcome the early discovery conversation to include choices between one-hour virtual sessions, face-to-face or even half-day walking sessions.

I am a pragmatist, I use proven coaching methods to enable leaders to achieve their results, alongside a memorable learning experience on which to thrive.  

What Our Happy Clients Say

“Sue builds strong relationships, is a very good listener, profoundly practical and tenaciously challenging in how she helps others make an impact.” 
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