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Collaborate and Thrive

'The rock strategically tossed into the pond is the dynamic intervention I provide.  The ripples are the positive influences that radiate out'

Sue Gravells
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Sue Gravells B.Ed.Hons. EMCC Accredited Senior Coach and Coach Supervisor, Company Director, Walk-Lover & Challenge-Seeker

I facilitate unique and dynamic interventions from remote locations in the great outdoors to inner city office blocks and café-zones around the world. I thrive whilst working with others, building ever-stronger connections within teams, departments, across cultures and evolving optimal performance through constant change.

We're all doing our best: No-one said it would be easy, but working alongside each other and being solutions-focussed means one thing - it can only get better. I facilitate intentional, challenging and rewarding outcomes where building mutual engagement is high on the agenda.

I partner with my clients to aim high, dig deep and follow through on being authentic whilst attending to their priorities and aspirations. I am highly skilled in facilitating experiential learning, action-learning in group and team settings and I help develop these skills in others as we work together.

I am highly motivated by collaborative problem solving and creating shifts at the edge of what is possible together.  I share my experience to partner with heads of businesses, their senior leaders, teams and individuals. I embrace learning opportunities and the challenges of change with curiosity, positivity and high emotional intelligence.

Feedback that means the most to me:

"I'm done/We're done - thanks for what you've helped us achieve"

"We want more, things have changed. When can you come back to work with us?"

Our Happy Clients

"Professional, knowledgeable and calm. Able to bring the best out of even a skeptical group of learners."
Senior Leader
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